es.gifHalliwell Manor - 360 degrees views
* This ones I saved them just in time from an old site called before it went down (I wouldn't have done it) because its owners were tired of suffering lot of hacks or attacks and then rebuilding it one and other time; it was made in PHP-Nuke. Well, here you are.
* Roll over each preview image in order to read a short room description and click it to open the view (± 300 kb) IN A POP-UP WINDOW.
* In order to get this working fine, you must have enabled JavaScript features in your browser and you need to have already installed the QuickTime plug-in, for viewing .mov files and that ;) ; you can download it from QuickTime page in Apple's web. ---><---
* For an optimum view, you must set you video system to 24 or 32 bits of color.
* Handling: Scroll around = Click the view and drag - CTRL = zoom out - SHIFT = zoom in.
Ático.jpg cocina.jpg comedor.jpg
servicio.jpg recibidor.jpg prue.jpg
piper.jpg salon.jpg solar.jpg