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The Power Of Three - The WB's Charmed
(Because ingenious games never should be forgotten).
This game was originally at, before The WB went shut down on September 17, 2006, followed by the opening of its replacement, the CW Network (a The WB-UPN "hybrid").
Now you can get it by downloading this stand-alone flash projector (1.08 MB) or you can play it on-line now (612.91 KB). And here are my records.
More FUN STUFF: --->360 degrees views<---
- A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better is recommended in order to play this.
- Try to clean two or more full towers of triquatras at once and take a look to the score counter.

What was your score?

06/20/2020 05:05
in love

Salt lake ut
03/14/2019 21:54
Love this game

01/08/2017 23:08
1 big fan

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